User-friendly interface

The key challenge in decision making is having access to all relevant information which is to be assessed in a particular situation. Such information is scattered in organization processes and has to be manually collected from diverse sources for each individual case. To facilitate this task, we enable the business expert to quickly and expressively query the process artefact repository of an organization. Some example queries for this scenario include: « Give me all processes in the fulfillment area », « Which processes use system X? », « What resources are needed for running process y? », « List all processes with conflicting goals ».

Reuse of process business models

Modalisa-Technology DesignerThis example describes how the business expert can query the ModaTech® repository for reuse of process patterns, models and fragments in process design.

Since process modelling is a complex activity, reuse of existing models and model components makes sense in all stages of modelling. For instance, when designing a new process the business expert can first query for existing business process patterns, generic high level process designs emphasizing business goals, in search for the best modelling practices in the given domain. The business expert can also query in the same way for existing models or process fragments – self- contained, coherent building blocks of a process model with a clear business meaning. In case that there are existing process models or fragments that are similar to the desired end design, the business expert can use them in his design in order to achieve a higher degree of reuse, compared to reuse of patterns. Moreover, if the user wants to substitute an existing process fragment based on redesign goals or auto-complete an underspecified model, he can make graphical queries by selecting the desired process part for the substitution or auto-completion in the modelling tool.

Querying modelling guidelines

This scenario covers querying for business guidelines – concrete policies defined according to the company strategy, which apply orthogonally to all processes of an organization. Queries involved in this scenario retrieve all modelling guidelines (both mandatory and conditional) which match context annotations of the model being checked. This reduces the manual effort of creating an inventory of such guidelines for any given model.