ModaTech® Architecture

ModaTech ArchitectureA business Modelling tool has the function to provide an environment for modelling business processes. It is a component which is used by the business expert to interact with our framework. In particular, ModaTech users interact through a user-friendly query interface.

The ModaTech® library has the function to provide persistent storage for process patterns, models, fragments and guidelines. For this purpose we used the Ontology Representation.

ModaTech® Ontology reasoner performs ontological reasoning for obtaining the query results.

The Behavioural reasoner is a component that performs π-calculus reasoning, i.e. it serves as a query answering mechanism for graphical queries used in process substitution and auto-completion scenarios. In the future, we plan to embed an ontological reasoner still over innovating as a subsystem in ModaTech® framework. This will allow us to investigate more advanced notions of process equivalence.