ModaTech® Framework

ModaTech®, a framework for Business Process Management success!

Our framework approach can help you work smarter by focusing on value, exploiting new opportunities and acting with speed on your business processes.

ModaTech FrameworkModaTech® is based on a robust model that will significantly ease by an order of magnitude the development, deployment and maintenance of a business application of arbitrary complexity without compromising its flexibility.

ModaTech® is developed from the need to provide real-life business solutions to our clients. Our framework aims to minimize the level of analyst involvement by propagating iterated risk-related evaluations. Once propagated, risk is localized to areas requiring improvement. We employ an abstract preference structure, which has been successfully used in the constraint literature for modeling and reasoning about user preference. This allows us to represent and combine configurable risk metrics.

ModaTech® Framework is a comprehensive set of interchangeable technology modules and supporting services that can be configured to meet most unique enterprise connectivity needs.