Telecommunications organizations today are facing the daunting challenge of an industry that is in constant flux. Not only are there pressures from cost containment, reduced pricing and strict regulation, but attracting customers and preventing churn has never been more difficult. Several major telecommunications leaders have adopted BPM technology to gain control of their processes, reduce revenue leakage, improve customer service, and realize significant ROI in a short timeframe.

BPM Opportunity

There are many benefits for communication service providers when implementing BPM as a platform for process improvement and they include:

  • Reduce revenue leakage.
    By automating and controlling how processes are managed, costs are reduced and productivity is significantly improved.
  • Improve the efficiency of mission-critical staff.
    Process management helps communication service providers shorten training time, reduce manual handoffs, and eliminate inconsistencies.
  • Gain real-time visibility and control over processes.
    Managers can view real-time process performance and proactively manage bottlenecks.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
    When customer’s issues are resolved more quickly, it improves the customer’s perception of the provider and reduces churn.
  • Create an audit trail.
    Detailed process reporting gives the provider a complete picture of the process including activities, systems, and participants.
  • Respond to change faster.
    Managers can modify the process quickly based on changing business requirements — without months of development work.