Investor Relations

Modalisa-Technology places the satisfaction of its shareholders at the heart of its priorities. The company is committed to bring a clear, transparent and fair view of its performance. Find in this section regular information intended for financial market participants: shareholders, analysts, investors, employees, etc…

About Modalisa-Technology
Modalisa-Technology is specialized in real-time Business Process Management on mobiles. The company has developed a innovative and powerfull platform that allows companies to design, connect people and services, orchestrate, survey and optimize all their business activities in real-time on their mobile devices. Modalisa-Technology brings life to business processes: it’s a revolution! Modalisa-Technology’s goal, is to be the gateway between individuals and companies. What makes Modalisa-Technology unique is the fact that it offers a real-time and global vision of all company’s activities allowing CEO to make quick strategic decisions inside and oustide his company thanks his mobile device (digital tablet, smartphone, …) There is no time delay between defined processes and applications. A change in processes impacts directly the behavior of the company. Company can start a new process from stratch or from an existing model available in Modalisa’s cloud (Big Data solution). Modalisa is focused on eHeatlh and social network segmentations. Modalisa was founded in 2010, has its headquarters in Liege, Belgium, is 100% self-funded.