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Modalisa-technology is proud to announce the launch of next generation of innovative Financial applications based on Modatech Financial Module (MFM)

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RunMyThings, the most innovative and powerful gateway between things and people

Modalisa-Technology innovates in its Internet of Things (IoT) division and launches RunMyThings. The RunMyThings platform links the things and people of the real world in real time.

Modalisa-Technology selected as a finalist for the TiE50 Awards 2013 organised by the TiE Silicon Valley chapter!

2013 TiE50 Finalists
2013 TiE50 Modalisa Finalist Profile

ModaTech® Framework Solution

Challenge, Solution, and Benefits

We start by providing a high-level conceptual framework and broad ‘road map’ to realign cost classifications for greater transparency and results orientation.
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Modalisa-Technology is opening its capital to foreign investors

Modalisa-Technology places the satisfaction of its shareholders at the heart of its priorities. The company is committed to bring a clear, transparent and fair view of its performance.
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Harvard University and Modalisa-Technology are teaming in order to develop a new innovative product based on Modatech technology.


Headquartered in Belgium and active in Luxembourg, France, Germany & The Netherlands, Modalisa-Technology provides real-time solutions that helps companies to make strategic decisions and achieve Business Process Management (BPM) success on mobiles.
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Our Works

Modatech framework is a process oriented engine that helps companies to design, orchestrate, manage, visualize & optimize in real time all their business activities on mobile devices. Modalisa-Technology brings life to your static and outdated processes!
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Our Solutions for all industries

Because each client is unique, our flexibility and array of choices mean we can work with you at any stage and can recommend tailor-made solutions to your specific needs. Take a closer look at how we solve problems for our clients in the following areas of expertise.
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